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"I Cantori di S. Carlo" is a group made up of expert singers and professional instrumentalists, who specializes in the polyphonic repertoire of the sixteenth century and the early italian baroque period. Founded and conducted by Claudio Dall'Albero, the group phylologically reproduce the characteristics and physiognomy of the sixteenth century "ensembles". The vocal technique adopted by the singers is a result of in-depth studies of Renaissance singing (see also "Observation on vocal technique"... by Antonella Nigro). The instrumentalists in the group use copies of historical instruments from that period. The choise of the mesotonic temperament for intonation -customary used throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth century - is another distinct feature of the group "I Cantori di S. Carlo". Furthermore, their interpretative style derives directly from the Roman tradition: the phrasing closely follows the words, with smooth and flexible singing. The programmes performed in the concerts range from polyphony of the late medieval and renaissance times right up to early baroque operas. The vocal and instrumental ornamentations are drawn from the original repertoire of the most famous authors of the time, or else Dall'Albero himself composes them according to the style of the period in which the music was written.

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The group has performed in numerous concerts and tournées in Italy and abroad (Francia, Malta, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Costa Rica, Svizzera, Germania, Belgio, Ungheria, Spagna, Marocco, ex-URSS, Kenya, Turchia e Repubblica Ceca), and has always been praised unanimously by both the public and critics.

There have been numerous reviews in daily newspapers and specialized magazines. In Italiy: Il Tempo; Il Corriere della Sera; L'Unità Il Secolo d'Italia; La Stanza Letteraria; Il Mondo della Musica. Abroad: Le Dauphinè Liberè; Dernierès Nouvelle d'Alsace (Francia) - Wolfsburger Nachrichten; Helmstedter Zeitung (Germania) - Le Rappelle (Belgio) - The Times; The Sunday Times (Malta) - Corriere del Ticino; Il Dovere; Mendrisiotto G.d.P.; Gazzetta Ticinese (Svizzera) - El Heraldo (Colombia) - El Comercio (Ecuador) - The Sunday Nation; Coastweek (Kenya) - Sur (Spagna).

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